Billionaire Calvin Ayre to create Nikki Beach property on Jolly Beach

Editorial Staff

Mar 10, 2023

The Government says a section of the Jolly Beach Hotel is to be sold to Billionaire investor Ambassador Calvin Ayre for further development.

The new development, Nikki Beach and residences is a US$250 million-dollar investment, according to Max Hurst, the Chief of Staff in the office of the Prime Minister

It will boast of 90 rooms, 70 branded residences, 10 villas, 2 restaurants, a beach club, spa and gym.

The other section is likely to be Nikki Beach. It’s a very high-cost hotel, much like a Blue Waters. I think we have already made an arrangement with Calvin Ayre,” Hurst said.

Currently, the Jolly Beach Hotel is managed by the Elite Islands Resort owned by hotelier Rob Barette. Hurst told reporters that Ayre’s involvement will not interfere in the agreement between government and Elite Islands Resort.

“Subtract 78 of them from the 464 and that’s about how many the Elite group will develop. [Calvin Ayre] won’t build 78 rooms but the way this wing is arranged it has 78 rooms,” Hurst explained.

Meanwhile according to the Cabinet notes, the Jolly Beach Property now has 166 rooms available and 132 employees. 

It said to date, US$2.2 million have been spent on refurbishing the hotel.  

“The original hotel had 464 rooms on 30 acres of land; however, a portion of the property on which rooms are currently constructed is to be sold, limiting the Jolly Beach Hotel to a much smaller scale,” according to the document.

The managers reported to the Cabinet that “a number of upgrades must take place, to include: a 250,000 gallon water-storage tank; a reverse osmosis plant that produces 65,000 gallons per day; an electrical system to be upgraded; new air conditioning systems on the rooftops and other spaces; and, the property is to be properly fenced”.

Hurst said the planners also announced that they will hire many plumbers, carpenters, electricians and other tradesmen ages 20-40 years, willing to work.  

The managers told the Cabinet that they will be expanding Hammock Cove, and will be adding rooms to their other properties.


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