Chastanet voted UWP leader to lead Party into the next general election

Editorial Staff

Mar 15, 2023

Allan Chastanet has been named as the man to lead the United Workers Party in St Lucia.

Chastanet is the Parliamentary Representative for Micoud South and he was elected unopposed when the UWP held its Delegates Conference recently.

“It is a very challenging time in Saint Lucia; for the Party coming off the loss and having to re-engineer itself and rethink what we did in government and what we didn’t do in government and why we lost. It’s a difficult time for our country as well, given what’s taking place with crime right now, the impact of inflation on the citizenry having to deal with, and we have a government that seems insensitive to that,” he added.

Now, the UWP said it is armed with an executive to lead it into the next general elections in St Lucia.


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