Man and toddler shot in Cassada Gardens

Editorial Staff

Mar 20, 2023

State Media ABS reported moments ago that a father and his two-year-old daughter are now in hospital with gunshot injuries following a domestic dispute at a home in Cassada Gardens Sunday night.

Police reports according to ABS are that the father of the child went to the home where he saw another man, with whom he got into an altercation.

The other man brandished a firearm and during an alleged tussle for the weapon, the father of the child was shot in the hip and thigh while the toddler was shot at least once in the right leg.

Both father and daughter are now in the hospital; the seriousness of their injuries is not immediately clear.

The injured father had reportedly managed to wrest the gun from the other man and turned it over to the police. Police are continuing intensive investigations and are expected to make an arrest in the matter.


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