Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Two men in custody following Shooting in Cassada Gardens

State Media


Police have confirmed that two men from Ottos are in custody in connection with an incident in Cassada Gardens on Tuesday night, in which law enforcers were fired at.

One of the men was detained the same night after being found hiding in bushes in the area, while the other was held mid-morning Wednesday, when police executed a search warrant at his home and allegedly found ammunition. Police expect to lay charges soon in the ongoing probe.

Police had earlier reported two men fired at them when they went to investigate reports of a suspicious vehicle in the area Tuesday night. The men sped off in a car but ran from the vehicle when it crashed and ended up in a culvert. No member of the police team was injured.

Law enforcers have vowed a vigorous response to the recent surge in criminal activities and have increased their patrols.


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