Glass found blended in porridge given to Slickianna murder accused

Editorial Staff

Mar 22, 2023

On Tuesday, a judge in Jamaica denied bail for a man charged with the murder of a young woman despite his lawyers saying that his health and safety is under threat,

Rushawn Patterson, the man charged with the murder of Aneka ‘Slickianna’ Townsend, was painted by the prosecution as a man with violent tendencies.

Patterson’s lawyer, Dionne Meyler-Barrett, also told the court that there could be a plot afoot to harm her client. She said she had reason to believe that even while behind the prison walls, her client received a meal that was tampered with.

“He is in danger in custody as yesterday (Monday) a report was made that his porridge was found to contain pieces of glass blended in…I supplied the prosecution with a medical certificate for Mr. Patterson because, since being in custody, he has had to have several medical examinations. The medical certificate indicates that he is a hemophiliac, plus he suffers from gallstones and the doctor says he will need surgery,” his lawyer said.

The bail argument went on for over 60 minutes after which the judge sided with the prosecution and denied the murder accused bail

The lead prosecutor Paula-Sue-Fergoson in her argument recalled a conversation that the accused had with Rohan Rose, who is also charged in relation to the death of 35-year-old Townsend. According to reports, the man confessed to killing the woman.

“On October 21, Rose met with the accused (Patterson) and asked, ‘Wah gwaan?’ and the accused said, ‘Bwoy, you know seh me kill di gyal,’ and said that the girl (Townsend) had dissed him and told him to go [obscene language redacted] … and that him nuh tek dem things lightly,’” Ferguson outlined.

The matter continues on September 21 this year.


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