15 Cameroonians still missing after boat sinks off Antigua

Editorial Staff

Mar 28, 2023

Government officials have confirmed that Cameroonians living in Antigua and Barbuda were the majority of individuals who were on board a vessel than sank between Antigua and St Kitts this morning.

Only half of the 30 people on board were rescued. One is reported dead and 15 are still missing.

Reports are that the Africans were attempting to get to St Thomas.

Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force Chief, Colonel Telbert Benjamin confirmed that the boat capsized 40 miles northwest of Antigua and a frantic search is now being carried out to find the other 15 passengers.

Colonel Benjamin told State Media that information that the ABDF has received suggests it is an Antiguan vessel that left Urlings.

The ABDF Coast Guard is collaborating with its St Kitts and Nevis counterparts, as well as the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre from Martinique in the search effort at this hour.

The ABDF has also deployed its fixed-wing aircraft, Alpha One in the search effort. Col. Benjamin says several other details are still being ascertained, including where the vessel was headed.

The Africans, most of them from Cameroon arrived in Antigua and Barbuda several months ago on a chartered flight and have been left stranded

They claimed that they were promised a connecting flight to the United States. The government has been trying to give legal status to those who decide to remain here

The men and women claimed they have no intentions of returning to their violent-stricken country.


  1. doro teke

    please so many are living Antigua and Barbuda bc the dont have jobs and the dont aloud them pass through the airport; please help them

    • Bios

      Many don’t have jobs in Antigua. Many ré being exploited . They don’t have even means of survival .. that’s why they’re trying to leave . They font have documents .. the government needs to urgently look into this

      • Earlyn Huggins

        I am so sorry for the late news.

  2. W i am

    All this is happening is because of colonial government. And thanks to hour proper government of Africa who do not have the balls to tell the western world enough is enough
    People have no choice but to travel abroad to search for jobs.
    So you know before taking the road to go abroad, this place you see on television is no better than your own country there are no jobs here
    The moment you get in here you have depression
    So think if you prefer freedom than being lonely and depressed


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