BREAKING: Member of Parliament under suicide watch

Editorial Staff

Apr 4, 2023

News reaching Antigua. news suggests that a member of Parliament is currently under suicide watch according to sources close to the matter.

The man, whom our newsroom understands is being closely monitored is also having his calls screened.

According to sources, the popular politician has been going through a period of depression following the January 18th general elections

He is currently under a cocktail of prescribed medication to keep him calm.

His every move is being monitored by doctors, family, and close friends.


  1. Man on the sea

    Wondering if it’s the prime minister because I can remember him saying that he has mental isues in his family!

    • Spliffy Leaks

      Find work to do

      • Anonymous

        Medication to keep calm that’s wild, just give him a medicinal joint of marijuana

    • Antigua4ever

      Perhaps it is Dean Jonas, his madness was manifested when the police called at his home.

    • If God Prevails


  2. Anonymous

    Maybe an opposition MP cause they tries real hard to unseat Browne gov’t and failed. Hope that individual gets the best treatment needed

    • 🆘

      Oh please, such a ridiculous notion!

      The lunatics are in the ALP camp.

    • Kevin

      Bro getting 9 seats after buying all them votes is evil. Stop supporting that evil government

      • Miss A

        I pray for the well-being of this person and the anxiety and stress this must be having on his family. This situation cannot be easy for them.

        And as for those who so partisan and cannot relate to situations beyond their party colour or affiliation, I pray for you and your family also.
        Most of you live in abject poverty while those you worship and have loyalty to are living the life you yourselves should have access to.

      • Alex

        This Kevin is Evil he knows about Selling of Votes this means that he has a dirty ✋ in it when people points Away one finger at someone three points back at you so you are worst in the Evil Kevin and this is an Act of God point 👉 and you notice!!Alex

    • Clap back

      Try they can never tries!!!!!

    • Dresian

      Its not an opposition member.

    • Anonymous

      Move you rass.. we Happy 💛💙

    • Mae

      All the Opposition MPs in parliament are good. You need to check on ABLP MPs!!

  3. Anonymous

    Can we all stop speculating. It could be anyone from any side. Mental issues and depression do not respect party colours, political affiliation, you or me. I pray God’s grace be extended to this person and all who are undergoing similar situations.

  4. Audley Phillip

    When people give themselves up to serve the public, they become servants of the people. Their health and wellness should always be a matter of concern to the people who elected them and shouldn’t be a matter of secrecy. I have not heard much from St. Peter’s MP recently. I hope he is well.

  5. Anonymous

    It is definitely about Asot Michael


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