Carnival Queen hopefuls to make first appearance soon

Editorial Staff

Apr 5, 2023

The delegates for this year’s Queen of Carnival (QOC) Competition will make their first public appearance at the official launch of Carnival on Saturday 15th April 2023.

On Saturday, March 2023, The Creative Industries hosted the screening for the 2023 Queen of Carnival contestants in four segments:

Cocktail Attire, Interview, Swimwear, and Performing Talent. For the Cocktail Attire, the ladies were judged based on impact, carriage, and poise.

The judges looked keenly at the mastery of the English language in the interview segment.

They also looked for, proper delivery, content, diction, clarity, and fluency.

For the Swimwear Segment, they were evaluated on muscle tone, poise, and carriage.

The ladies also had two minutes to showcase their Talent. The 2023 Queen of Carnival Production will be staged on Sunday 23rd July 2023, at 8:00 p.m. under the theme: “Enchanted”


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