Scores of teachers protest to show dissatisfaction with the Government


Apr 13, 2023

Hundreds of educators across the island are protesting at Teachers Place today, saying that they are fed up with the government’s handling of their affairs.

The teachers walked with their chairs and umbrella, braving the scourging heat.

Easter Holidays were extended in Antigua and Barbuda after teachers threaten to take action.

The teachers are calling for reclassification and lack of security among other issues
The Ministry of Education has said that they have been addressing the issues but the educators say the government seems to be long on words but very short on action.

Nurses joined the teachers this morning in the protest since they too have been at odds with the government over several issues including uniform allowances and overtime payments


  1. Teacher for life

    Teachers are the pillars of society and should be supported and honored at all cost. Sadly, this is not the case since too often we are subjected to disrespect and utter foolishness in and out of the classroom setting. It’s time society, and Antigua and Barbuda specifically, do better by educators.

  2. Audley Phillip

    Hold strain. The Russian boat will soon be sold and money like peas would be flowing from the treasury. I really hope that these matters would soon be resolved because the education of our kids are paramount.

  3. Antigua

    Now the other workers in the government sector that isn’t satisfied and not getting their worth shod join the teachers and the nurses…


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