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Editorial Staff

JA: Teachers at Homestead Primary protest against principal

Teachers at the Homestead Primary School in Spanish Town St. Catherine, staged a sit-out today Tuesday, demanding better treatment from the school’s principal.

The teachers are accusing Miss Sophia Deer, of being unprofessional and aggressive.

Classes were disrupted due to the demonstration. 

“We are not comfortable. We do not feel comfortable in such a hostile environment. As teachers, we should be able to go to the principal’s office to report on any given matter relating to the school and the student’s well-being. Instead, we are always chased away and given the wrong in any situation,” one teacher said.

According to the teacher, the principal always demands respect but had failed to give any

“She does not know how to conduct herself. She speaks to you in any way that she wants. She doesn’t give respect but always demands respect”.

A teacher, who spoke to our news center says, they’ll continue the protest action until the matter is resolved. The teachers say that there’s no approach to indiscipline at the school.

“A teacher was beaten by a child and when she went by the principal the child was given the upper hand. The principal told the parent the teacher was the one provoking the student. The violence in schools, she always going at it with teachers…children against teachers, teachers against teachers…everything is all over the place with this lady,” the teacher said

The ministry of education in Jamaica has since launched an investigation into these claims


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