Dr. Belle-Jarvis heads to Harvard

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Apr 14, 2023

The head of the Pediatric Department at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center Dr. Shivon Belle-Jarvis has been accepted into Harvard University.

 The head of the Pediatric Department at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center Dr. Shivon Belle-Jarvis has been accepted into Harvard University.

Dr. Belle-Jarvis will pursue a Masters’s Degree at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

She will join the class entering the 2023-2024 academic year as a candidate for the Part-Time Master of Public Health Generalist program and is expected to graduate on May 29, 2025.

Dr. Belle-Jarvis will be joining a group of students who bring with them not only impressive professional experience and excellent academic training but also dedication to the profession of public health.

“You are to be commended on the fine record of achievement by which you earned your place in this year’s cohort. You will benefit from your association with each other as well as from the challenges of the public health program,” the Admissions office wrote in its letter to f admission Dr. Belle-Jarvis.

Meanwhile, Dr. Belle-Jarvis said she is passionate about children, families, and the community.

“This leads me to continue to seek a path of learning to further strengthen my insight into how to responsibly advocate for them, as this is indispensable when searching for solutions to modern challenges in healthcare.

She said the opportunity will bring to life a statement that she lives by -” Leaving no one behind”.


  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations 🎊 Well deserved!
    Wishing you all the best in this journey.

    • Temika Christian

      Heartiest congratulations on your educational journey. All the best on behalf of the Greenbay Primary School family.

  2. Mae

    Congratulations 🎉. These are the type of news that brings joy to my heart. Congratulations again and make Antigua and Barbuda proud.

  3. Josette N Williams


  4. Claudel Noel

    Since the time that I have known you in Advent Fellowship (UWI MONA) you have remained passionate about medecine. You have impressed me and you continue to do so. We take separate ways in life (You in Antigua and Barbuda while me in Haiti), but we remain committed to academic excellence, professional develoment and community involvement. Continue to shine my friend. The sky is the limit.

    Congratulations on your achivements.

  5. Delta Bholo

    I did this online course while I was re-tooling my skills a few years ago (i was formerly a lab based technician).
    I recommend the online programme at GeorgeWashington University.


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