Editorial Staff
11 months ago

Editorial Staff
11 months ago

Classes resume today as teachers end industrial action

After almost two weeks of industrial action, teachers are expected to return to the classroom today.

The educators, on the advice of their Union, withheld their services for about eight days, causing quite a panic among parents and the general public.

The teachers insisted that all their issues including security, reclassification, and other issues be addressed before they can end their actions.

Education Minister Daryl Matthew said he disagreed with that course of action but remained content that students can now return to their learning.

“What perhaps has happened is that the union and its members or the executive and the members of the union felt that the progress was slow, not that it wasn’t happening, but it was just taking too long.

“And so, there was a belief that they had to take a particular course of action. Of course, I disagree with that course of action, but it was the course of action that was chosen. We continue to do our work and today we are in a place where schools will be opened Thursday as normal”, Matthew said in an interview with State Media

He said there is still the issue of upgrades for about 25 teachers which should be resolved soon.

“There were about 25 persons who had some issues that prevented the upgrades. Those issues included matters such as incorrect spelling of the name and insufficient documentation. And the membership of the union stood in solidarity with those 25 persons, indicating that they were not prepared to end industrial action until those 25 persons’ matters were resolved,” he said

The Ministry of Education is expected to meet with these teachers on an individual basis to address the issues specifically and to come up with an appropriate timeline for implementation and the upgrades as appropriate.

“I want to use the opportunity here to thank the teachers for recognizing that the ministry continues to work in their best interest. And so notwithstanding the rhetoric that might have been put out there, I believe we do have a good working the education minister said.


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