Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Gunthropes teen is missing

The family of 14 years-old Jaliyah Charles of Gunthropes is asking the public for assistance in knowing her whereabouts.

Jaliyah was last seen in Liberta sometime on Wednesday, April 19 and has not returned home since.

Anyone with information as to her whereabouts should contact the Liberta Police Station at 460-1002 or the Youth Intervention Unit at 562-8417

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  1. MysticLean Back on 👑 Charlie.....foot Pump

    I Think Kids up to 16
    Should WEAR a Bracelet
    A ” GPS”…
    Freedom from INBREEDING.
    Parties & Organisations.
    White COLLAR Crime.
    Blue Collar Crime.
    These GUYS..
    UNREGULATE Morality
    Children Having Children
    BOYS Our Princes.
    Putting BAMBINOs
    To RULE over I& I…
    * Lord of HOST*…Rastocracy


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