Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Urgent appeal for assisting in locating missing man

By Zaya Williams


The public is being asked for help as a family embarks on a search for their elderly relative, Winston Charles.


At approximately 2 p.m. on Sunday, the man aged 76 was last sighted at his residence in Liberta.


According to a family member, he was last seen wearing blue football shorts and a dark-colored t-shirt. It has come to light that Charles has been displaying initial symptoms of dementia and is also struggling with vision problems.


Charles, a well-known enthusiast of sports and a dedicated walker, often embarked on journeys from Liberta to Bethesda and back, but has never gone for such a long time, sparking concern among his family and friends.


The family has now turned to the wider community for assistance in locating their missing loved one. Anyone with information about Charles’ whereabouts is urged to reach out to the family immediately through either 728-0408 or 771-3714.


  1. Bridget Luke

    What i dont understand about people, you have your people displaying these diability signs and yet for all you go way and leave them to fend for themselves ,i just dont understand,and now you want heaven and earth to find them back for you,you people need to get with the program and save your love ones from dying from neglect

    • White rabbit

      Your muda ever tell you. If you have nothing good to say shut ya mouth? .

      It’s also good to be thought of as a fool than open ya mouth and cast all doubt. ?

      • The chosen one

        I agree with you white rabbit , made no sense at all with that comment.

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