After weeks of silence, the authorities in St Kitts and Nevis have finally released the names of the three Cameroonians whose bodies were recovered after the March 27th boat tragedy off the coast of that island.

The two males were identified as Derick Anga Azia and Verdo Mofor, while the deceased woman was named Zeta Bertrand.

According to reports, the autopsies were conducted on April 19 for the men and April 21 for the woman, “and the cause of death in each case was determined to be drowning”.

The names of the missing Cameroonians have not yet been published however they have all been feared dead.

32 people including two Antiguans and Barbudans left Antigua and Barbuda on a trip to St Thomas. The vessel, La Belle Michelle capsized on the way.

Those who survived were rescued by the luxury yacht Genevieve.

The survivors have been in St Kitts and Nevis ever since.