BREAKING: Nine Cameroonians escape custody in St Kitts

Editorial Staff

Apr 27, 2023

Five Cameroonians remain on the run in St Kitts and Nevis after nine of them escaped custody yesterday.

A statement from the National Security Minister in St Kitts and Nevis confirmed that four of them have been recaptured.

14 Cameroonians were being housed at a detention facility on the island after they were rescued on March 28 off the coast of St Kitts and Nevis after their boat capsized after leaving Antigua and Barbuda.

“The Cameroonians were transported to St. Kitts; provided with medical and psychological care; and detained at a government facility pending repatriation to Antigua and Barbuda. As of April 26, 2023, nine of the fourteen Cameroon nationals have escaped from the detention facility on St. Kitts”

“By the morning of April 27th, four of them have been found. Five are currently at large and law enforcement officials are continuing the ceaseless quest to locate them.  A total of seventeen Cameroonians were brought to St. Kitts by the SKNCG on March 28,” the statement said.

Regrettably, three of them were deceased, having perished before being rescued.

Meanwhile, the St Kitts government said after initially agreeing to accept the repatriation of the other fourteen Cameroonians, Antigua, and Barbuda has now rescinded this offer, thereby canceling the pending arrangement.

“The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis continues to pursue workable and diplomatic solutions as it is duty-bound so to do. The public will be provided with information updates as necessary”, the statement added.

Should anyone have any information as to the whereabouts of any of the escaped detainees, be sure to contact the nearest police station or law enforcement agency, the St Kitts authorities said.


  1. Audley Phillip

    The drama surrounding them never cease to amazed me. The authorities both in Antigua and St.kitts must know that they have no intention of remaining in these islands. More attempts would be made to escape because the US continues to be their ultimate destination Having them in these islands is tantamount to being in prison to them.

    • John Adam

      You are more than intelligent , also the government are totally aware of what you just said. But since it politics it difficul to come straight. They should allow them to go in a very calm and quiet way.

  2. Anonymous

    WOW the drama continues

  3. Mandy

    Just wondering why the change of heart to accept them back to Antigua. This is a sample place on earth

  4. Meyer

    They are not prisoners to be detained, it’s more than a month since you rescued them a and detained them in the name of accommodating them.
    What is taking you so long to send them back to Antigua?
    Those people have a destination before been held in Antigua


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