UPP celebrates 30th Anniversary

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Apr 26, 2023

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is celebrating its 30th Anniversary in April and one of the founding members Baldwin Spencer said all members, supporters, friends, and well-wishers should be proud

The UPP was formed in 1993 out of an amalgamation of three political parties – the PLM, the UNDP, and the ACLM – the UPP first contested General Elections in 1994, and, a decade later, came to office in a convincing defeat of the ALP, led by Lester Bird.

Starting today, the Party said it “will trace its 30-year journey to the present, highlighting its many achievements; paying tribute to those who built and continue to build the institution; and celebrating the light it brought into thousands and thousands of lives”

As part of the activities, UPP members will make several media stops holding discussions on the youth and women’s contributions to the UPP.

“Social programmes the UPP introduced, including the famous School Meals and School Uniform Grant; the Cuban Eye Care programme; the Dollar Barrel; and the Zero-rated Basket of Goods – as well as the minimum salary increases of 17% for public servants, will also be reflected upon”

Other innovations, including the Homecoming Festival, which fostered greater involvement by the Diaspora; the Independence Banquet; and the passing of the Barbuda Land Act will be touched upon.

The UPP will also catalog what they say is the “Gaston Browne Administration’s dismal failures in the first 100 days of its new term, branded 100 Days of Darkness and Decline”

The celebration of “30 Years and UPPwards” and 100 Days of Light culminates on Monday afternoon, May 1, at Ffryes Beach.


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