Frank B Armstrong workers protest over stalled negotiations

Editorial Staff

May 3, 2023

Workers at Frank B Armstrong stood in the scourging sun for the second consecutive day Wednesday, protesting over long-drawn-out negotiations. They started their industrial action on Tuesday.

The staff says the management of the company has deliberately stalled negotiations for essential benefits, so they lined the front yard of the company’s building, raising placards to show their dissatisfaction.

The Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union (ABWU) has been advocating for salary increases, paternity leave, and other benefits for these workers for many years. But according to the ABWU, these negotiations have been delayed by the management of Frank B Armstrong for over ten years now.

The management of Frank B Armstrong has not yet responded to the latest action by the workers.

Protest action could continue on Thursday, according to their union representative, the ABWU.

Nineteen workers are employed by the company.


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