Hollywood stars celebrate amazing success of their Welsh football club with open-top bus parade

Mick the Ram

May 4, 2023

Hollywood superstars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney joyously took their place on an open top bus as the football club they took control of just over two years ago, celebrated their promotion back to the English Football League after a 15 year absence.

The two movie stars waved to the tens of thousands of fans lining the streets, standing by the players who the previous weekend had completed Wrexham’s final fixture of a glorious campaign, which culminated with a memorable victory in their final home game to clinch the National League title.

Three buses made their way slowly along a 3.5 mile route, as seemingly everyone from the newly designated city came out to acknowledge the club’s success, which saw the team gather an incredible 111 points and score an impressive 116 goals in the process.

Initial scepticism understandable

It was in February 2021 that Deadpool super hero Ryan Reynolds and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney, completed their takeover after lengthy negotiations, and a good deal of scepticism from supporters who saw it as just a publicity stunt.

Why would these two Hollywood stars want anything to do with a struggling non-league football club? many asked. The appeal was the challenge of returning the oldest club in Wales and the third oldest professional football team in the world, to their league status that they had lost back in 2008, and in addition bring back some pride to an area of North Wales that had gone through some tough times.

Remarkable transformation

Fast forward two years and the transformation is nothing short of astonishing. Not only have the men’s team stormed out of the league, but the women’s side have also won promotion from their own respective division after winning their play-off final.

They joined the men and their famous owners on the buses parading through Wrexham to celebrate the success which for the men had come exactly 15 years to the day after dropping out of the Football League, making that day a little more poignant. Since that heartbreaking relegation the club has had to endure five play-off disappointments and has been perilously close to going out of business.

“unadulterated joy”

At the final whistle of their 3-1 home victory over Boreham Wood which sealed the promotion, the two Hollywood stars were seen tearfully hugging each other as the first part of the dream had come true. Reynolds said his immediate feeling at that moment was “unadulterated joy”, adding: “To see the joy on the players’ faces and, of course, the entire stadium is what it’s all about.” McElhenney said: “It’s hard to put into words; I actually think I blacked out at full-time.”

Biggest cheer for Hollywood duo

The two of them received the biggest cheer as they stepped on to the bus as the heaving crowd recognised just what they had done for the community. For everyone in attendance the feel-good factor had returned after being absent for such a long time and for many it represented just the start of what they hope will be a fairytale journey all the way to the Premier League.

Repeat in a years time?

Naturally, because of the high-profile which the club now carries, the team will be there to be shot at, as everyone will want to beat them and atmosphere’s at opponents grounds will take on added intensity. However, it is more likely to inspire the Welsh outfit even more and another open-top parade 12 months from now already looks a good bet.

Storytelling at its best

It has also been confirmed that a second series of the hugely popular award-winning Disney+ documentary Welcome to Wrexham, which prompted massive interest in the club, especially over in the United States, will be returning for a second series. This will chart the successful season and is sure to be another massive hit.

The North Wales club, with a little Hollywood stardust, is set to continue its new found global attraction.


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