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Editorial Staff

Baby killed after being thrown from apartment in St Vincent

A six-month-old baby has been thrown out of an apartment building in St Vincent and Grenadines. The child died on the spot.

According to reports from that country, a relative, with a history of mental illness is believed to have been the culprit

The mother of the child found him lifeless on the concrete pavement on the ground level of the three-story apartment building where they live.

The child, his mother, and the female relative live on the first floor of the building, reports from St Vincent confirmed

The child’s mother reportedly left him in his room as she went to prepare a meal for him, according to reports from police in St Vincent. And while in the kitchen she heard her baby screaming but when she returned, he wasn’t there. Her mentally ill relative also was not found in her room.

Police are treating the death as a homicide.

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  1. Anonymous

    May God grant the mother and other family members peace, strength and comfort at this very difficult time.


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