Unlock the Museum program set for May 18

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May 8, 2023

Preparations are underway to hold what officials at the museum said is expected to be a major initiative to unlock and share the heritage and history of Antigua and Barbuda

The society has launched a major initiative, called Unlock the Museum, which they said is aimed at “placing in the hands of members of the public the keys to unlocking some of the institution’s most intriguing artifacts, untold stories and the amazing heritage collection of Antigua and Barbuda”

The Unlock the Museum initiative will bring together archaeology and history to Antiguans and Barbudans using the educational resources of the Museum. 

Curator of the Museum Michelle Henry once the program gets off the ground, it will result in new relationships with local, regional, and international visitors, schools, and organizations for educational outreach, research, and capacity-building initiatives whilst growing the Museum’s membership.

“The COVID-19 pandemic severely limited the interaction, educational outreach, and general visitation of the Museum.  Now we are ready to share with you the best archaeological collections of artifacts and the most comprehensive research library in Antigua and Barbuda. Our expertise in all things historical, archeological, and cultural will expose you further to historical conservation,” she said

The program will be launched on May 18 which coincides with International Museum Day.

A historical talk will get the ball rolling on the activities on May 20. The talk will be hosted by Archaeologist Dr. Christopher Waters.

Public field trips and lectures will also form part of the activities.

“Throughout the summer, we are also throwing open our research library, which contains the largest and most intact collection of materials published on the history, culture, archaeology, and culture of Antigua and Barbuda. You also have a role to play, by contributing to our collective knowledge by sharing your own stories about your family and community,” Henry further urged.


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