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PM Browne says Tourism authorities acted prematurely as Angela Bassett’s lawyers issue cease and desist letter

Angela Bassett

By Makeida Antonio


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said that Tourism authorities acted in “exuberance and prematurely” when they commenced using the name, images, bio data, and other information of Hollywood Star Angela Bassett as a tourism ambassador-designate.

“Modalities had to be determined before to ensure that there are no tax implications or labeling as a politically exposed person (PEP) before they started using the information”, Browne said

News broke earlier today that Lawyers representing Bassett have asked the Ministry of Tourism to “immediately cease and desist any and all use of Ms. Bassett’s name and/or image in connection with the Tourism Board’s marketing or promotional efforts.”

Bassett was recently made the country’s Tourism Ambassador along with another actor Dawnn Lewis.

But in a letter dated May 10th issued by Bassett’s lawyers at law Fox Rothschild LLP, said no formal arrangement had been made in this regard.

“While Ms. Bassett is honored to be considered by the Tourism Board for the distinction of Tourism Ambassador, we need to discuss what this means for Ms. Bassett including, but not limited to, the duties, responsibilities, timeframe, and approvals, etc. that will be required of Ms. Bassett,”

“We request that the Tourism Board immediately cease and desist or stop using Ms. Bassett’s name, image, and biographical information in association with the designation of “Tourism Ambassador” until the parties have reached a mutual agreement, reflecting Ms. Bassett’s acceptance of the Ambassadorship position and outlining any obligations and protections for Ms. Bassett in connection therewith.”

The letter further accuses the Department of Tourism of using Bassett’s photos “taken during her trip to Antigua for commercial purposes without the customary prior approvals”

The Department of Tourism was given 15 May 2023 to acknowledge receipt of the correspondence.

They are also asked to “provide representation that all uses of Ms. Bassett’s name and image have been removed by the Tourism Board (or its licensees)”

Below is a copy of the letter:


  1. Man on the sea

    Dash your minions under the bus Gaston clown because they’re going to just absorb what u through at them and don’t defend themselves, but remember u and your daughter was up under Ms Bassett taking photos and I’m sure that you’re the one who recommended that she be branded as an tourism ambassador and now u want to behave as though u have nothing to do with it , you’re such an embarrassment to this country!

    • Mystic

      The ” Making of an ABASSADOR,”
      Rubbing Shoukder
      Anybody who is Nobody
      Becomes Somebody
      Categorically .
      Position of Power or Force per Unit Area
      Pick Up a poor
      Give Mire than Take
      Love More than Hate.
      Mentioning of Stars & Awards
      How About ” Will Smith” Ambassador!
      Maybe ‘ Wesley Snipes”
      Lip NO Stick”..
      We Got Drama so Much Actor..
      This PILL hard to Quench ” Desires”

  2. Former A.B.L.P. Voter

    Tourism officials dropped the ball? Really Gaston? You are such a clown.

  3. Tired of BS

    Hahahahahaha…….just 8 days ago we were told BY THE GOVERNMENT that it was a CABINET decission based on Angela Bassett and Dawnn Lewis AGREEMENT…..but now is the Tourism Authorities acting prematurely???
    Never your fault PM, never your fault.

  4. Mae

    Who better to market the country but your own native-born, Gaston Browne? This ABLP government has used more non-nationals as ambassadors to market the Twin state than its own natives. I hope that Angela’s lawyer doesn’t sue the Ministry of Tourism. From day one her lawyer should be involved in the agreement.

  5. Concerned

    This is something else 🙄

  6. Remorse

    The lady kno now that he no hab no good reputation so she too ah back way
    The woman nuh wan b rap up with no country that mix up with all kinda mixup : ftx , olibrect , Arthur Porter , Antigua african airways, Verdi etc etc etc


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