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Editorial Staff

One missing as boat from Martinique capsizes on its way to St Lucia

One woman remains missing after the vessel she departed in Martinique capsized on its way to

St Lucia. A rescue mission is currently underway. The woman left Martinique with eight other people. She is believed to be in her early forties

The vessel turned over between 7 pm and 10 pm on Friday night.  

The Prefet de la Martinique, over the weekend, that on “Saturday around 5:30 am, the Regional Operational Center for Surveillance and Rescue Antilles-Guyane, was informed about the disappearance of the ship Sé kon sa nou yé, which departed on Friday around 4 pm while heading for St Lucia with nine people on board”

According to reports, search, and rescue teams were deployed at around noon. A French sailboat “Le Bercail”, rescued two people in distress in the Saint-Lucie canal and a few hours later a Dutch Coast Guard plane located six people hanging on the hull of the ship.  

It is unclear whether the rescue operations will end today but up until last night, members of the Regional Operational Center for Surveillance and Rescue Antilles-Guyana continued to look for the last occupant on the boat.


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