3 dead, 16 still missing after boat capsizes

Editorial Staff

Mar 28, 2023

A frantic search continues to find any remnant of life in the St Kitts waters.

Coast guard and other rescue operators have been searching the deep blue seas for several hours now.

Three dead bodies have been fished out of the water so far but St Kitts and Nevis authorities could not confirm their nationalities.

19 people have been rescued. About 13 are still unaccounted for since the headcount on the small fishing vessel stood at 32.

The boat left Antigua Tuesday night for the USVI according to reports but the 32 persons onboard were not part of the legal voyage.

Authorities are still trying to wrap their fingers around the whole matter, while Cameroonians have been flooding social media to find out if their loved ones were part of the deadly trip

Only three Antiguans were reportedly on the French vessel. The majority are said to be Africans who were seemingly attempting to leave Antigua.

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  1. Anonymous

    Sad way to end fleeing your country


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