Pop stars, sportsmen and royalty in list of Britain’s richest under 35’s

Mick the Ram

May 20, 2023

The Sunday Times have released their annual UK Rich List and alongside that they announced the 35 richest people under the age of 35.

In the list are singers Ed Sheeran, Adele, and Harry Styles, alongside sports stars such as Rory McIlroy, Anthony Joshua, Harry Kane.

The number one position in the alternative list goes to the 25-year-old Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor – the godfather of Prince George.

The person sitting on top of the main list is Gopi Hinduja and family, who own a vast empire of businesses across the world with a combined wealth of £35bn.

Add not “subtract”

To make the main list the stipulation is to have finances of a minimum of £350m, so the majority of the under 35’s were considerably short, but all of them still have enviable wealth. Just outside the top six is Ed Sheeran, whose personal fortune has just past the £300m mark, and that figure is guaranteed to rise significantly over the coming months judging by his fast-selling sixth album:  Subtract.

Adele and co heading in the right “Direction”

Adele, who won’t qualify this time next year as she will slip above the 35-year-old threshold, sits at ninth place in the list on £165m, on the back of sales of over 100 million albums.

Former One Direction star Harry Styles is worth £150m, helped by having the biggest-selling UK album last year with Harry’s House.

Two of his former band-mates: Nial Horan and Louis Tomlinson, also make it on to the list with personal estimated riches of £54m each.

One and two in the billions

Leading the way on the alternative list (and 11th in the main list) is the 32-year-old Duke of Westminster, Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor, who in combination with his family, are estimated to worth around £9.878 billion, so godson Prince George should expect reasonable Birthday and Christmas gifts!

In second spot, but financially a long way behind, is English socialite and photography producer, Lady Charlotte Anne Santo Domingo. Her wealth is believed to be £2.167 billion.

Sporting chance

From the world of sport, Northern Irish and former world number one golfer Rory McIlroy is valued at £200m; whilst boxer Anthony Joshua has amassed £150m.

In football, former Wales captain Gareth Bale comes in at number 22 on the list, with what is believed to be a wealth of £70m.

The 28-year-old Chelsea FC winger Raheem Sterling, formerly of Liverpool and Manchester City, has built a healthy £61m through not just his moves on the pitch, but also through some smart moves in the property market.

Tottenham Hotspur and England super striker Harry Kane is said to have made £51m so far, with plenty more to come.

Happy as Harry

Daniel Radcliffe has a lot to thank JK Rowling for in more ways than one. Not only did his role as Harry Potter from the age of 12-years-old allow him to showcase his acting skills, which he continues to demonstrate, it also banked him a small fortune, with estimates putting his wealth at £92m.

His co-star in the Potter series, Emma Watson also makes the list with an impressive £60m. Neither can compete however with Ms Rowling, who is believed to be worth £875m and likely to significantly improve that figure soon if the reported talks with network HBO come to fruition, with regards to making her world famous wizard into a TV series.

Phenomenal wealth

All of these hugely impressive sums of cash pale into insignificance when set alongside Gopi Hinduja and the family’s Hinduja Group, with their mind-boggling fortune rising by over £6 billion from last year, to a staggering combined fortune of £35 billion.

The Indian transnational conglomerate have their fingers in many sectors including: oil, finance, automotive, IT, cyber security, healthcare, real estate, and media; indeed there does not appear to be any industry in which they do not have some form of influence, so their prosperity will inevitably rise even further by the time next year’s list is revealed.

It gives the Under-35’s something to aim at!


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