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Editorial Staff

Not a cool & smooth day: Staff commended for bravely during fire

It surely wasn’t a cool or smooth day for the staff at the popular Cool & Smooth department store today Saturday.

Workers however have come in for high commendations after staving off a potential disaster this morning when a fire broke out in the warehouse of the store on Lower All Saints Road in St John’s

According to reports, when workers discovered that the building was on fire, they jumped into action to contain the blaze until fire personnel arrived at the scene

Spokesperson for the Fire Department Inspector Lester Baggot told reporters that on arrival at the scene, the crew met the management and staff of Kowloon Smooth in the process of controlling the fire, using fire extinguishers and buckets of water.

“The fire crew immediately got into action using water from the fire tenders to extinguish the fire,” he said

Bagot said due to the quick action of the management and staff of Cool & Smooth and the availability of fire extinguishers at the establishment, the fire was confined to a small portion of the storeroom in the rear of the building.

“The fire brigade would like to commend the staff and management of Cool & Smooth for their quick action and would also implore other business places to make sure that  hey have extinguishers and smoke alarms in their buildings,” he added

The items in the warehouse sustained fire and smoke damage.

The origin of the fire is presently under investigation.

Meanwhile, the management of Cool & Smooth used their Facebook page to express gratitude to the staff, members of the public, and the fire department who assisted in containing the fire

“On behalf of Cool & Smooth management and staff we would like to express our sincere gratitude for the exceptional support and assistance we have received from both the general public and the fire service department we’re very much grateful to be able to save our store from burning down completely. Nobody was hurt, God is good. Again, we would like to say Thank You!!!!! Don’t forget to keep us in your prayers,” the management said.


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