Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Cool and Smooth searches for woman after heroic deed

This woman scooped up water from gutter to help put out fire

By Aabigayle McIntosh


A frantic search is on by the owners of popular business place Cool and Smooth for a woman who helped put out a potentially disastrous blaze on Saturday,

The unknown woman was among a number of onlookers and staff that sprung to action over the weekend to avert major damages.

She literally used a container to scoop water from a nearby gutter to assist in putting out a blaze.

Owner of the store Amer Hourani told the Good Morning JoJo Sports show on Observer Radio Monday morning that he was heartened by the response of the public, which serves to show how important the store is to the nation.

He said he needs to find the woman so the company can reward her

“That video alone makes me feel that Cool and Smooth is strong. We are strong with our people supporting us and our people who came to support us it was really amazing. I am thankful everything is under control now,” Hourani said.

The store reopened for normal business operations on Monday. The General Manager said the area was cleaned on Sunday and aside from a faint smell of smoke everything is back to normal.

“I want to say thank you to everybody who tried to reach out to me and my brother we really appreciated you all.     Cool and Smooth will be there for Antigua. As long as I am alive and well, we will also be there for our people in this country because without them we are nothing,” the manager said.

Over the years the family store has supported cultural and sporting events in the country in a major way through several sponsorship of varying events.

Speaking more specifically about the fire, the store boss said the person in charge of the warehouse went to retrieve an item for a customer when he saw smoke and a little fire coming from the warehouse, which is located at the back of the main store building on Lower All Saints Road.

“He alerted the manager and then everyone ran to get buckets with water and thank God they were able to get it under control”, Hourani said.

The company has since circulated a picture of the woman in question expressing gratitude to her and asking for assistance in locating her.

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