Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Grays Farm Clinic receives timely donation from MP Lewis

Parliamentary Representative for St Johns Rural West Richard Lewis has donated a Siliconizer and Plastic Roof Cement to the Central Board of Health to undertake maintenance work at the Grays Farm Clinic

The healthcare facility experienced some flooding recently and Lewis, a non-government MP said it was brought to his attention that a concrete section of the roof needed maintenance work to stop the leak

Lewis affirmed his resolve to continue efforts to help his constituents in every way possible

“The hurricane season is upon us and this is no time for our clinics to be poorly maintained. The Gray’s Farm clinic is vital to the Rural West constituency, and I will do whatever I can to see that the stability of the clinic is restored and in good order.”

The MP recently donated two wheelchairs to two persons in his constituency who has issued with mobility.


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