Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Man gets three months for trespassing, says he wanted to pick lemons

By Zaya Williams


A man will be spending three months behind bars for trespassing after appearing in court earlier

Benjamin Silcott of Cassada Gardens was charged with trespassing into a woman’s Halcyon Height home last month.

On May 25, the complainant secured her home and went to bed and the next day she received a phone call from her daughter which led her to check her CCTV camera footage.

The video showed the defendant on her property at around 1:30 in the morning peeping through her daughter’s bedroom window.

He was wearing a long black pants, a brown shirt, a black hat and a black bag pack.

The matter was reported to the police and on June 12 the man was taken into custody where he was shown the video footage.

Silcott was arrested and charged and brought to answer to the crime before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh.

He pleaded guilty to the charge against him but told the court that he went into the woman’s yard to pick lemons.

The Magistrate then asked him how he was picking lemons at that hour of the morning and he replied “plenty lemons was on the tree.”

The repeat offender then begged to for non-custodial sentence but when asked how he would be able to pay for a fine, he said that he sells lemons and tamarind.

He was then sent to prison for three months.


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