Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Man gets 6 months for stealing iPad and gold ring

By Zaya Williams

The court is continuing the mitigate against incidents of larceny by making an example out of thieves.

Earlier today, 30-year-old Timothy Anthony, who admitted to breaking into man’s Cassada Gardens home and stealing an iPad worth $2700 and a gold wedding ring worth $3252, was sent to prison.

The theft occurred on June 22 while the home owner was on his farm.

He locked his house in the morning and went to his farm where he spent several hours.

When he got home at around 4pm he left his things on the kitchen counter and went to his bedroom where he discovered that a strip around the bedroom door was broken.

As he checked around the house, he observed that a black Apple iPad was missing, his bathroom was in a mess and his gold wedding ring which he left on the bathroom counter was gone.

He went to another bedroom and found a weed wacker along with another took was in a different position than he left them.

The victim called the police who came to the home and viewed footage from the home.

The defendant was seen making off with the items in question.

Sometime later, the officers conducted a search warrant of the defendant’s property and nothing was found.

Anthony told the court this morning that he did it because he has “plenty for tek on.”

He further told the court that he lost the stolen items while running away.

The defendant, who is said to have a criminal record, was then sent to prison for 6 months.


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