Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Elderly man to stand trial for resisting arrest and insulting police

By Zaya Williams


A 73-year-old resident of Yorks boisterously told the court yesterday that he is not guilty of two criminal charges against him.

Anthonyson King is accused of using insulting language and resisting arrest.

King is however adamant that he did nothing wrong and will therefore be standing trial on July 11.

It is said that on June 13 while at a standstill in the vicinity of the former St. Patrick’s school an ambulance traveling from north to south with siren and beacon on drove past and two vehicles were parked slightly off the road.

An officer reportedly observed that the driver of one of the vehicles -the defendant-was speaking to another officer from the Traffic Department.

The defendant was reportedly observed driving his vehicle forward while the officer was still standing at the door, forcing the officer to jump back.

The officer is to have rushed up to the vehicle but King allegedly drove forward again almost running the cop over.

Another officer then reportedly blocked the vehicle and then approached the defendant urging him to cooperate.

King is alleged to have insulted the officer a few times.

The police then cautioned him and tried to arrest him but he reportedly wrested with the officer.


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