Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Antigua’s Digital Nomad Program to be Extended

Chief Immigration Officer Katrina Yearwood

The Digital Nomad program is to be extended until October 2025 to give more people interested in traveling while working remotely in Antigua and Barbuda the opportunity to remain here, up to 2027.

Antigua and Barbuda is looking to the Digital Nomad Programme as an alternative to the Citizenship by Investment Program.

A new category of stamp may also be developed for visitors who are now expressing an interest in remaining in Antigua and Barbuda.

Chief Immigration Officer Katrina Yearwood hinted at this possibility during a State Media interview Saturday night. She provided the update as another group of people prepared to depart the island.

The program, introduced during the height of the COVID pandemic gives people the freedom to travel and remain in the country for at least two years while working remotely

“There is a strong consideration for reviewing it. It has not been announced yet but that is a possibility for them to remain here,”

“When we had the function, we got the sense that most of them are ready to call Antigua and Barbuda home whether they wish to remain here or remain working remotely or a few of them have set their eyes on higher heights,” she said.

The Immigration boss said an option is being made to the Nomad residents as it relates to their continued stay.

Those wishing to work or open a business will receive a different kind of stamp. The matter is also being reviewed. The country’s program has been ranked the best in the world by Human Resources Director America, HRD.

The government has decided to look into ways in which the Digital Nomad Programme could be used as an alternative to the CBI.

Antigua and Barbuda has proposed that CARICOM sets up a regional regulatory body that will look at the CBI programs to provide some level of comfort to the EU and OECD.

A similar initiative is in place in several other Caribbean islands.


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