Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Full Steam Ahead for Opening of Forensic Lab

Steadroy Banjamin

By Zaya Williams


The government is working feverishly to ensure that the country has its own forensic lab in short order.

According to Public Safety Minister Steadroy Benjamin, the country may be able to analyze evidence collected from ​crime scenes, suspects, and victims for itself as early as mid-July barring any unforeseen circumstances.

He shared that plans are progressing quite well and “at the moment we are sourcing and have sourced some important equipment to make the lab operational and effective.”

The need for a forensic lab has been the outcry of many – including the Police Commissioner – for years.

At present, evidence has to be sent overseas for analysis.

In some cases, that takes several months, as in the case of a teenage boy who was believed to have perished in a house fire in January last year.

The youngster’s remains were sent abroad for analysis after being discovered at the scene of the blaze, but it took 11 months for the results to be returned.

At this moment, the Willikies family of still-missing autistic teen, Shamar Harrigan, is still awaiting results of human remains found in close proximity to some of Harrigan’s personal effects during a search for the young boy in December last year.

The family is said to be losing hope as days go by.

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  1. The adviser

    And Barbuda does not have a medical lab. Ah who ah get rich out of this?


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