Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Lawyers say their clients have no case to answer in Bruce Greenaway murder trial

By Zaya Williams


The four Attorneys who have been working feverishly to defend four persons accused of murder have officially asked a Judge to dismiss the case on the grounds that their clients have no case to answer.

On Tuesday afternoon, the prosecution closed their case after months of trial.

On the chopping block are Police Officer Jason Modeste and Defense Force soldiers Shakiel Thomas, Armal Warner, and Aliyah Martin.

They are accused of killing Falmouth father-of-two Bruce Greenaway.

The 43-year-old’s body was found at Indian Creek on April 13 2020 – days after his family had reported him missing.

 An autopsy revealed he had been strangled.

The crime shocked the nation and sparked a wave of protests by residents demanding justice.

There are four defense lawyers in the matter – Andrew O’Kola who represents Warner, Sherfield Bowen for Thomas, Wendel Robinson who represents Modeste, and Lawrence Daniels for Martin.

The lawyers presented no case submissions this afternoon in the hope of freeing their clients.

They believe that the prosecution’s case is weak.

The Crown will respond Wednesday as the matter continues in the High Court.


  1. True

    Mr No Case strikes again.

  2. Lolieta Spencer

    Antigua news sad, but God don’t wear pj’s, may the Blood of Jesus help us in this country. The great Judge will soon judge the world.


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