Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Appeal of Bruce Greenaway murder trial ruling filed

By Zaya Williams


The former Bruce Greenaway murder accused could find themselves back before a judge soon with the prosecution having filed to appeal the recent verdict that led to their acquittal.

Yesterday, police officer Jason Modeste and Defence Force soldiers Shakiel Thomas, Armal Warner and Aliyah Martin were freed of a charge of murder that hung over their heads for over three years.

They were accused of strangling, Falmouth man Bruce Greenaway sometime between April 9 ,2020 when he was reportedly last in their presence and April 13, 2020 when his body was found at Indian Creek.

Over the past few months, prosecutors presented evidence against them in a trial to include video footage of the Falmouth and English Harbour area which showed a joint task-force truck driving around various streets with Greenaway presumably in the back.

It was argued that the four defendants were in front of the truck and that they took the deceased to a creek where they killed him together.

But lawyers in the case asserted that their clients had no case to answer because there was no enough evidence of such.

And despite the prosecution’s arguments to the contrary, a Judge upheld the no case submissions and then asked the jury to find the defendants not guilty.

But their victory may be short lived with the prosecution set to appeal the decision and possibly put them back on trial.


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