Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Pares and Jennings Primary Top Performers Win Cash Prizes from MP’s

By Aabigayle McIntyre


The top male and female student of the Pares Primary School were awarded a scholarship in the amount of $1.500.00 from government Senator Rawdon Turner

The money is expected to go towards the continued education of the awardees.

Turner contested the St Peter Constituency in the last general elections and lost to Asot Michael, an independent candidate

But Turner said that will not deter him from assisting residents and especially children in his community

“I am pleased to share my recent experience of being a part of the Principal’s Award Ceremony at Pares Primary School, where we celebrated the remarkable achievements of the students,” Turner said.

He said it is crucial that the accomplishments of children are recognized at an early age, as, according to him, it fosters a sense of pride, motivation, and a lifelong love for learning.

“Witnessing the dedication and hard work of these young individuals was truly inspiring, and I am honored to have been a part of such a momentous event. These exceptional students have demonstrated outstanding commitment and academic prowess, and it is important that we provide them with the support they need to thrive,” he added

He said by investing in children’s education, “we are investing in the future of our community and empowering these bright young minds to reach even greater heights.”

“As a society, we must continue to celebrate and support the achievements of our children, nurturing an environment that encourages their growth and success,” Turner said.

Meanwhile MP for St. Mary’s North, Sir Molwyn Joseph donated a total of $4000 to the top performers within the last four years of the Jennings Primary School.

The money is to assist them in their preparations for secondary school. 

On Tuesday he presented the top performers of the school for the years 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022, and 2022-2023 with cheques of $1000 each.

He also promised to increase that amount to $1500 for the next academic school year.


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