Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Parents Save the Day After Principal Cancels Graduation at Parham Primary

School leavers at Parham Primary almost missed out on one of the biggest days of their lives after the principal decided to cancel graduation.

But thanks to dedicated parents, these students were able to celebrate their achievements.

The parents, banned together after the disappointing news and put all amenities and resources in place to ensure that the outgoing students were allowed to throw their hats up as they transition to the next level of their education.

Senator Rawdon Turner said it was truly inspiring to witness the dedication and determination of these parents in ensuring that the students have the opportunity to celebrate their achievements at such a crucial stage in their young lives.

He also used the opportunity to commend the parents for pooling their resources and organizing a graduation ceremony for the graduating students of Parham Primary School.

“This display of resilience and commitment serves as a shining example to communities across the nation”, he said

Meanwhile, Senator Turner is condemning the decision to cancel the graduation ceremony by the principal and staff of Parham Primary School.

He said not only is it deeply concerning but serves as a demotivation to the hardworking and well-behaved students who would have otherwise been looking forward to this important milestone.

“While it is important to address any instances of rude and disrespectful behavior by a few students, it is fundamentally unfair to punish the entire student body for the actions of a few,” Turner said

Furthermore, he said education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of our nation, and we must foster an environment that encourages and supports our young minds.

“By canceling the graduation ceremony, we send a troubling message to the students – that their achievements and positive behavior can be overshadowed by the misconduct of others. This notion goes against the principles of fairness, justice, and motivation that should underpin our educational institutions,” he explained

Senator Turner firmly believes that we must protect and nurture the young minds of the future.

“The cancellation of the graduation ceremony undermines the spirit of celebration and accomplishment that is essential for our student’s growth and development. The parents of Parham Primary School took it upon themselves to fill this void and provide a much-needed platform for their children to be recognized and celebrated,” he added


  1. Malcolm L Charles

    May this never happen again, that a school can cancel a primary school graduation in a bid to deprive both parents and children the joys of celebrating the end of their primary school years and their transition to secondary school life.

    • Bridget Luke

      I will agree with that, for one i realize that he or she or them didnt have anyone at that time grauduating from that class ,so they didnt care who or what get grauduate from school on that day, and that was intentional and wicked to the max

  2. Anonymous

    Did anyone get the reason or reasons why the teachers cancelled the graduation

  3. Ras Jus

    Massive Big-up to the parents! And, Hearty Congratulationns to the young graduates! The decision of the Principal and staff was totally unfair, and unreasonable, and they must be called out for that demotivating act.

    Good that you played a role in motivating the parents, Senator Turner. I’m awaiting word from the Minister of Education

  4. Concern Parent

    That is why our students behave the way they do because parents like you all that thinks it’s ok to have a graduation after the school canceled the graduation. The majority of the students have No behavior and their parents are the same. When students are corrected for bad behavior. These same parents come to the school and curse out the teachers. What examples are they setting. Don’t let them fool you now because they are trying to get the public on their side. Teachers have been struggling with these same set of students for the entire school year. Mr. Turner you have no right to make these selfish comments. Next time get your facts before you jump to any conclusions.

    • Blackbeauty

      Oooooo you sound bitter! The parents had to celebrate the completion of their children elementary education! Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed knowing the work and time invested in their children prior to the last school year! The school chose not to, so they did! I HEARD IT WAS A HECK OF A CELEBRATION TOO! You’re not a

      • Anonymous

        Bitter indeed, because of people like you that encourage rude and disrespectful behavior from children. Whether or not they had a heck of a time has nothing to do with me. I am just happy the school took a stand and that’s all that matters.

  5. Ms. Concerned.

    Mr. Turner, my advice to you is to have a seat and let Mr. Asot Micheal speak for his constituency that did not vote for you. Your input is not required here. Did you want a celebration party for when you lost as well?



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