Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Transgender man sentenced for beating ex-girlfriend

By Zaya Williams


An individual who identifies as a man was sentenced earlier  today for beating his ex-girlfriend right before a popular fete over the weekend.


The incident occurred on June 18 when the defendant, who was visiting the island, got into an altercation with the woman he had an on and off relationship with.



The complainant called the  St. John’s police station reported that her ex-boyfriend beat her up at a guest house he was staying at.


She was asked to go to the hospital and return to the station with a completed medical form which she did.


The doctor apparently noted that the woman had an abrasion to her upper lip, a bruise on her cheek, and an injury to her knee.


On June 19,  the defendant- a biological woman- was told of the allegations and formally arrested and charged with battery.


The defendant’s lawyer, Saska Diamond, told the court today that her client was in an on-and-off relationship with the defendant due to him living overseas.


She said that the two parties were in a fight and the defendant also got a cut on her lip.


The complainant was brought to the stand and when the Magistrate asked how she was feeling she struggled to speak and asked to be excused for a drink of water.


During an awkward pause, the woman was observed crying while scrambling for her water bottle.


When she returned to the dock, she told the court that she is still in some physical pain.


The accused’s lawyer however shared that the victim, after the fight,  went to a major event called “Suns Out Buns Out” and was seen on video acting as though nothing happened.


Nevertheless, the defendant apologized to his ex-lover but the apology was not accepted.


The man was then asked to compensate the woman $500 and both individuals were warned to stay away from each other.


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