Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Man held in contempt of court for outburst after being sent to prison for beating his ex- girlfriend

By Zaya Williams


On Monday, a man was sent to His Majesty’s Prison to spend the Carnival season for beating his ex-girlfriend but he may get more prison time for an outburst he made during court.

A 27-year-old man admitted to beating his ex-partner and threatening her.

The incident occurred on June 12 when he visited the woman’s home and they got into a heated argument about infidelity.

He slapped her with the back of his hand causing her to fall to the ground and then continued to beat her with his fist while she laid there.

Her screams caused a neighbor to come to her rescue and the men left the scene.

But later that day he returned and the woman attempted to leave in her vehicle but before she could do so he opened the car door, punched her in her head and threatened to kill her if he has any other man.

The victim reported the matter to the police who investigated and then charged the man on June 30.

The woman came to court on Monday and in the absence of a medical form explained the court that she now has difficulties hearing out of one ear.

The defendant tried to defend himself by saying “This lady is a criminal, she is evil.”

“She found out that I got someone else pregnant and she threw her phone in my mouth,” he claimed.

The woman denied the allegation and the man was then sent to prison for two months.

But on his way out of the docket he turned to the woman and said, “You happy now? You ruined my life!”

He was immediately sent back into the docket and told he is being held in contempt and will be sentenced on Wednesday.

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  1. Steven C. Mayers

    Some children are NEVER taught LIMITS AND BOUNDARIES by their parents/guardians.
    They mostly grow up to be narcissistic, egotists, (selfish, conceited, inconsiderate and greedy).
    This young man admits that he got someone else pregnant. Nobody beat him, thumped him off, beat him to the floor and left him damaged.
    He accuses his chosen mate of infidelity all men who cheat always accuse their mate of cheating, because they know in their heart, that this is what they deserve.
    In her disappointment, she throws his cell phone at him.
    In retaliation, he beats her like most of us would beat a man who threatened or attempted to damage us or our family.
    In addition to the two months, which hopefully would give him time and occasion to consider the error of his ways, he should also be sentenced to SIX MONTHS PROBATION with mandatory attendance at counseling,, and a court order to not stalk curse, or otherwise harm or harass , or come within 10 ft of , the victim


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