Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

LETTER: Asylum For Alex!

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my firm support for granting asylum to Tianzhao ‘Alex’ Feng, who is currently in custody while his immigration status is being investigated.

It is imperative that the authorities recognize the critical need to provide him with the necessary protection by granting him asylum.

The recent reports highlighting Mr. Feng’s intention to seek asylum due to concerns for his safety if deported to China are deeply troubling.

We must remember that the principle of asylum exists to safeguard individuals who face persecution or harm in their home countries.

It is crucial that we uphold this principle and ensure that Mr. Feng is afforded a fair opportunity to present his case and seek the protection he desperately needs.

Considering the circumstances that led to Mr. Feng’s regrettable actions, as revealed in court documents citing harsh working conditions, abuse, and low wages, it becomes evident that his situation merits careful examination.

It is not our place to condone his actions, but rather to acknowledge the underlying factors that may have influenced his decisions.

In light of these circumstances, it is essential for the authorities to approach Mr. Feng’s asylum request with compassion and empathy.

They must thoroughly evaluate the risks he would face if he were to be returned to China. The principle of non-refoulement, which prohibits the return of individuals to a place where they may encounter persecution or harm, should guide the decision-making process.

Granting Mr. Feng asylum would be an act of upholding human rights and demonstrating our commitment to justice and compassion.

By doing so, we not only provide him with a chance to rebuild his life but also send a strong message that we stand firmly against any form of persecution or harm.

I urge the relevant authorities to exercise their discretion wisely and expedite the process of determining Mr. Feng’s asylum status.

It is our duty as a society to ensure that justice is served, and that includes protecting the vulnerable and recognizing the unique circumstances that may warrant granting asylum.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly support the granting of asylum to Tianzhao ‘Alex’ Feng.

I implore the authorities to consider the significance of their decision and the potential impact it can have on the life of an individual who seeks refuge from persecution.

Let us demonstrate our commitment to humanitarian values and provide Mr. Feng with the opportunity to rebuild his life in a safe and secure environment.

Thank you for your attention to this pressing matter.


By Grace Parchment



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