Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Man fined 30K for cannabis

By Zaya Williams

Zimbo Howe was fined $30,000 earlier this week for 2lbs of cannabis and 15 cannabis plants which
were found in his home.

Officers went to his Cedar Grove residence on the morning of June 21 with a search warrant after
receiving valuable information.

They found several transparent bags with the controlled drug in his living room along with some

More money was found in the pocket of a pant he has in a bedroom.

A further search in the yard led to the discovery of marijuana plants in pots.

The bags of weed, the uprooted plants and Howe were taken to Police Headquarters where they
were weighed in his presence.

The plans were valued at $475 while the bags amounted to 2lbs of cannabis worth $12,000.
The cash found was also counted and totaled $1080.

The defendant was subsequently charged for possession of cannabis, possession with intent to
transfer the cannabis, possession of cannabis plants and cultivation of cannabis.

The 41-year-old was reprimanded by Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh for three of the offences but
was fined $30,000 for the other, taking into account all of the drugs.

The Magistrate also ordered that the money be confiscated by the state and that the drugs be

Howe has to pay the fine within three months of he could spend 18 months in His Majesty’s Prison.
Meanwhile, Rorden Haywood was fined $6000 for 205grams of the same drug.

The weed was found in his vehicle when he was stopped by police in the Fort Road area.
He also has three months to pay the court or he could spend 8 months in prison.


  1. Chubby

    So in Howe’s case, he can’t have NORMAL money of that amount? The money must be weed money? Like really?

  2. U gyal man

    Bare chupidnese this yah all them crime a carry on and ppl a get let go for murder and ppl pay petty change for thief and things and aryu wah all that for man planting his livelyhood the judge anarl wicked nfff for charge that price I hope tht judges child don’t smoke either c


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