Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Potters Man Fined 5k for Marijuana and Plants

By Zaya Williams


Fifty-two grams of cannabis and 32 plants put one man in a $5000 debt.

Andrew Carr was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and cultivation of cannabis plants after the police raided his home on Tuesday.

The police received information that prompted them to apply for a search warrant to search the defendant’s Potters home.

They reportedly suspected that the defendant had an unlicensed firearm, ammunition, and illegal drugs.

The warrant was executed on the morning on June 27.

When they got to the house they met the defendant, identified themselves to the defendant, and showed him the warrant before going through the house.

While searching his room they found a plastic bag with a green leafy substance like cannabis.

The defendant apparently told the police that it was for his personal use.

A further search of the property led to the discovery of weed plants in the back of the defendant’s yard.

The weed was said to be worth $520 while the plants were worth $1600.

Carr, was represented by lawyer Leon Symister who asked the court to be lenient with his client this morning.

The Magistrate reprimanded and discharged the man for possession of the drugs but fined him $5000 to encompass the value of all of the marijuana.

He has to pay in three months or spend a year in prison.

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  1. Bobcat Bill

    Leon Chaku Symister is an asshole of a lawyer.


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