Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Agriculture camp aims to change young people’s mindset

Organizer of the first ever Agriculture Summer Camp Nikki Barnard, says one of the aims of the event is to engage and educate young people on agriculture and change their mindset.

The former educator turn farmer says agriculture comprises of several aspects however when persons hear of agriculture they only think of farming.

“Agriculture is very broad and farming is just one aspect of agriculture. As soon as we hear agriculture, we think farming and we think negative, so I’d like to change the perception of how young people see agriculture”, she said.

She also highlighted some of the other aims of the camp which changing how young people eat.

“We consume too much junk food, we do not eat our local traditional food (like) fungi, salt-fish. Our young people are not eating it and so we would like to change that mindset as well.

We would also like to get them involved in growing their own food,” Barnard stated.

The camp is opened to primary school children and will be held at the Ottos Comprehensive school from 8:30 to 1 PM from July 17 to 28.

Activities include hikes, pet talks, farm tours, agro-processing and sip and paint.

Registration costs $200 and can be done by contacting 780-4493.

Registration closes on June 30.




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