Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Masked Gunmen Rob Two Men of Over $800 in Cash on Valley Road

REAL NEWS: Two men were relieved of over $800 in cash in a hold-up that took place on the Valley Road.

One of the victims, a Gray Hill resident, reported to the Bolans Police Station that he had been robbed by masked gunmen in the vicinity of Valley Church, at about midnight on June 21.

He said he had borrowed a Toyota Vitz from a Greenbay man, and, at about 11:45 p.m., he and a friend from Nut Grove had gone to Urlings Village.

On their way back to St. John’s, about an hour later, as they were travelling from south to north on the Valley Road, he noticed a black Toyota Vitz following them.

When they were near Valley Church, he said, he stopped the vehicle and went to relieve himself off the road and next to some bushes.

However, when he returned to the car and was about to drive off, he alleges that the black Vitz drove up and cut across the front of his vehicle, blocking him from moving.

Reportedly, three men – dressed in black clothing and with black masks covering their faces – exited the vehicle, brandishing firearms, and forced the pair out the vehicle.

The pair allegedly were searched, and the masked men removed $580 from the complainant’s pants pocket and relieved his friend of $250.

One of the men then got into the vehicle the complainant had borrowed and he and the other two accomplices reportedly drove off in a southerly direction.

Officers conducting investigations into the report carried out a search of the surrounding area for the stolen car, but without success.


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