Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Resident Says Nothing’s Happening in St Peter Since Elections While MP Tours US with Akon

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says the Parliamentary Representative for St Peter Asot Micheal should be held responsible by his constituents to ensure pledges made during the last general elections are kept.

Browne said he is giving Michael time to honor his election promises to the people of that constituency.

Michael contested that seat as an independent candidate in the January 18 general election, after a fallout with the Antigua Barbuda Labor Party (ABL).

He defeated the ABLP’s candidate Rawdon Turner with 2,137 to 899 votes.

On Saturday, during his weekly Browne and Browne radio program, a caller from St. Peter questioned the prime minister about his government’s intention to take care of the people of that constituency

“I see a lot of things are happening in other communities and nothing is happening for St. Peter”, the caller said

But Browne responded by saying, “Your representative pledged to the people of St. Peter, that if you elected him, he would have raised hundreds of million dollars to improve the people in that constituency. And I think it’s only fair that we give him a chance to perform. Now if he fails to perform, then the government can intervene”, Browne stated.

Apart from the campaign promises, residents of St Peter benefited from cash, household gifts, and food during the last general elections

It perhaps was the most fiercely fought constituency during the last general elections, although it is described as one of the most underdeveloped constituencies in Antigua and Barbuda, mainly in failing infrastructure.

Meanwhile, MP Michael is seen touring the United States with multi-million-dollar international artist Akon

A Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum-selling artist, producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Akon is one of the world’s most influential voices in music today.

The tour includes stops in Charlotte, Nashville Tennessee, North Carolina, and Los Angeles.


  1. Teacher For Life

    What’s the issue? The MP was “punished” by the Speaker, so what if he takes this time off to relax in the manner that he sees fit? PoliTRICKS are again at play here, in my humble opnion, because the opposition is hell bent on making sure the MP ‘ s efforts to keep his campaign promises are stymied in an effort to oust said MP from his position. It’s not going to work though.

  2. Hallelujah Amen

    The prime minister chatting nonsense !!
    Whether or not the mp is a member of the ruling party the government of the day has full responsibilities to look after the entire state. What the present mp for the st peters constituency can do for his people is just a plus.
    I hope the people of this fear state take note of that statement and realized how vindictive our prime minister can get.let nip that in the bud

  3. Anonymous National

    When he and his labor party apologize for all what they have not done for their constituents then we can talk. Until then he is just an angry jealous man.


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