Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Editorial Staff
6 months ago

Man gets 7 months for stealing stolen items from police station

By Zaya Williams


Yesterday morning, Jahson Martin was sent to prison after confessing to stealing items that were initially stolen and held at the police station for investigative purposes.

The unusual chain of events began when a truck laden with goods suspected to be stolen, was stolen from the Langford’s Police Station during the weekend of August 26.

According to reports, the incident was initially reported by a senior police officer who was in the process of constructing a house and had experienced the theft of lumber and other construction materials from his work site.

In response to this report, officers promptly visited a location on August 22, where they discovered various construction materials and tools. These items were loaded onto a truck and transported to Langford’s Police Station for further examination during their ongoing investigation.

However, events took an unexpected turn. Between the late hours of Friday, August 25, and early Saturday morning, August 26, an intruder accessed the police station’s compound and made off with the entire truck and its contents.

Further police investigation led to the recovery of the stolen truck in a remote area in Bolans. Some of the stolen materials were later traced to Martin’s residence.

In light of these developments, Martin was charged with larceny and brought before the court this morning. He pleaded guilty, resulting in a seven-month prison sentence for his role in this unusual theft case.

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  1. White Rabbit

    We want to hear martin’s side of the story. We want to know how he managed to steal a truck from the police station.

    That would answer Alot of questions. Was the officer asleep. ?


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