Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Man steals hubcaps from woman’s car in supermarket parking lot

By Zaya Williams

A month ago a man stole a woman’s hubcaps straight off of her tyres and was caught on camera.


That man,Khyean Phillip, now owes $1200 for committing the crime.


At around 7am on May 22, a woman was going about her business and parked her car in the Epicurean parking lot where she worked.


The defendant came to the same establishment that night and parked directly next to the complainant’s car, removed the four silver Toyota hubcaps that were attached to the wheels and left with them.


After work, the victim returned to her vehicle and  noticed that all of the hubcaps were removed from her car.


The supermarket employee then reported the matter to the police who reviewed the CCTV camera footage for the supermarket and saw the defendant committing the offense.


On June 1, Phillips was contacted by the authorities and turned himself in to the  minor offense department carrying a cardboard box   with the hubcaps inside.


He was subsequently charged with larceny of the items worth $1200 in total and brought before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh who did not take the incident lightly.


He told the court that he took them because he had one’s just like them which were stolen from his vehicle in the same parking lot.


The man had to apologize to the court and promise not to commit any similar offense again before being fined $1200.


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