Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Hispanic Woman Says She Stole from Supermarket Because She Was on Her Phone

A Hispanic woman was fined Monday morning for stealing a number of items from a popular grocery store late last month.

The woman, Liset Parada, took up $126 worth of items including Vitamin C tablets, soap, sunscreen, and juice mix from First Choice Supermarket on June 29.

The defendant went to the store and placed items in a shopping basket and approached the exit door.

She was asked to search her bag and a number of items were found in her handbag.

She attempted to go back and pay but the security guard alerted the police who carried out an investigation into the matter and charged the woman.

Parada, who could not speak English clearly, came to court today and admitted to larceny through an interpreter.

While in tears she explained that she went to the supermarket to purchase a few items but was on her phone and forgot to pay.

She said that she had been unable to sleep since the incident and apologized to the court.

She was then told to pay a fine of $200 forthwith or spend two months behind bars.


  1. Anonymous National

    What??? That is the dumbest excuse! Not speaking English is nor an excuse to steal, neither is being on the phone! These excuses a hilarious. Wow!

  2. White rabbit

    Distracted driving . Distracted walking now distracted shopping.


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