Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

One Year Imprisonment for Teen Who Broke Into Cars on Popular Beach

​By Zaya Williams


A young man who ran amok on Runaway beach- making off items from two cars-will be spending the next year in prison.

Jhadel Cornelius,19, was sent to prison this morning after he admitted to damaging two cars and stealing bags from the vehicles.

He broke into both vehicles on the afternoon of June 17.

A married couple went to the beach and parked their car before going swimming.

With the car being locked, the defendant broke one of the windows and stole a wallet and a bag.

The wallet was said to be worth $100 while the leather bag was worth $250.

The youngster then went to another car and repeated the same thing.

He broke the identical window and took the man’s bag which cost US $40.

But unknowing to Cornelius, he was caught on camera committing the crimes.

He appeared in court this morning and was sent to prison for a year.

The defendant is said to be a repeat offender.


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