Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Drug Bust Lands Woman on Trial in August

By Zaya Williams


Later this summer, Kimmesha Hutchinson will be defending herself against charges relating to 2lbs of cocaine reportedly in her home.

Allegations are that Hutchinson of Old Parham Road had a package with cocaine hidden on top of a closet in her room.

This discovery was reportedly made on April 27. On April 26, the defendant reportedly tried to clear a barrel at the Deep Water Harbour that she had sent down in her name while in the United States.

That barrel was reportedly flagged and then physically searched and 80 lbs of marijuana was said to be found inside.

The weed is worth $480,000. As a result of that discovery, the Police later obtained a search warrant and went to her house, on April 27, to execute it; at that time, a quantity of cocaine worth $31,000 was found.

In relation to the cocaine, the defendant is charged for possessing it, intending to transfer it and being concerned with supplying it.

The woman denies the charges so the prosecution will have to prove that she is guilty in a trial on August 22.


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